Nike in the face of the reebok response strategy of entering the market

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(1987), reebok to enter the cheap nike shoes  market at that time, he make a soft leather shoes for women, caused his female business growth greatly. Nike production movement leisure shoes. Results in the actual dress, the shoes off our course is too far away, at the same time with supplement has enough trendy clothing. cheap nike air max Introduction of leisure shoes. Nike is to provide authoritative professional, sport products? Or fashion products? Little attention - leave visual air cushion - product innovation (1987) in 1987, king air cushion technology of sports shoes is the first visible air cushion shock. Visual air  Cheap Nike air max 95 cushion makes Nike technology more easy to understand, at the same time with sports shoes, Nike successfully established the leadership. The sneakers in science and technology through commercial revolution, king air cushion into the market. Sports category for the development of 1987 is also a Nike shoes universal symbol. Nike new  nike free run 5  comprehensive training shoes too large the edge of the innovation of it enough cushioning for both suitable for running, and at the same time is also very suitable for other sports Nike Air Max 2013 aerobic fitness and training. The consumer loves it, at the same time, the development of this also brought in 1997, Nike's business is worth more than $500 million.