1986 a propaganda Nike air insoles advertisement is a real breakthrough

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In Nike advertisement film cheap nike shoes using a brand new idea, is not used blindly promote products technical performance and advantages of usual methods, but by the representative and symbol of the hippies famous famous songs of the beatles played "revolution", the rebel figure the new rhythm, melody, a group of  nike air max  americans wear Nike products are infatuated to fitness exercise,... The AD incipient fitness accurately catered to the wind of change and time trendy, let feel refreshing. Nike original magazine has been used as the main advertising media, to competitive players transfer product  Cheap Nike 2013 information, but since then, television advertising become the main "spokesman" of Nike, a move that makes Nike ads more able to adapt themselves to the new product market. Nike AD reform was very successful, first of all reflected in the market share of the rapid growth of the company: more than reebok company become American shoes market new overlord. nike free run Long-term rival Nike, reebok company also have to like Nike emphasize communication style instead of just the product function, reebok company at the same time to switch to Chiat Day company as an advertising agency, which has been in the mid - 80 - s when a Nike agents, in an effort to revive the former glory. However, Nike style and Nike Air Max 90 the advantage of the products have already occupied unshakable position in the consumers' mind.