Nike's support for running

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Support for women's cheap nike shoes  rights and performance in support for the women's distance running exercise in 1979, the company through the introduction of the first clothing line to expand his business. Clothing department is points from the footwear department. Work hard and good consciousness - they expect success, cheap nike air max  at the same time they also did. Clothing production line introduced is Nike a calculated risk in business paradigm, is also an expression of the Nike brand and business growth. Light weight cushioning (1979) frank. Rudy, thought of aerospace engineers, in 1979 Cheap Nike air max 95 brought a cushion for the Nike shock. The concept of frank, Rudy, an aerospace engineer, brings the concept of air cushioning to Nike in 1979. The breakthrough of science and technology makes cushioning throughout a lifetime of sneakers, rather than the previously used foam rubber shock after a few kilometers to become hard and flat. The Nike air  nike free run 5 cushion, shock, protection, light weight, at the same time can be bent into a variety of different styles of sneakers and thus suitable for and support available for development. The Nike air cushion expanded the Nike brand, at the same time, also make the Nike sneakers Nike Air Max 2013  world market leader. Sneakers shock on world history and the great contribution to sports consumer goods industry.